Tools & Equipment

What makes M&T a trustworthy, valued office equipment supplier is our comprehensive product catalog. We have everything you could possibly need in an office, down to tools and equipment. Many other vendors stop short of providing tools and equipment, but we do it all!


M&T carries a wide variety of tools and tool kits at lower prices than our top competitors. Instead of having to purchase everything individually, our tool kits provide you with some of the most commonly used tools that you’ll likely need in your day-to-day-business. We also carry power tools perfect for bigger jobs.

Tool Storage and Organization

Instead of wasting valuable working time searching for the right tool or part, organize everything with one of our many storage solutions. Keep everything where it should be with the help of our unbreakable, stackable bins or storage cabinets that are perfect for small hardware.

Measurement Tools

Whether you need to measure length, volume, or temperature M&T has got you covered. We offer a large selection of measurement tools, including:

  • Tape measures
  • Measuring cups
  • Thermometers

Best of all, we keep our prices competitive so you can get the high-quality tools and equipment you need without going over your budget. Visit our online store now or contact our team with any questions!