Higher Education/K-12

M&T Education Solutions

Ensure that your important documents, files, and confidential information remain safe and accessible with the help of M&T Solutions. As experienced IT professionals, we can provide 24/7 support so you can focus on serving your clients better than ever before. We also offer advanced high-tech equipment upgrades to help ease stress related to complex IT matters.

Quick and Expert Help Desk Assistance

We understand the importance of time in the business world and are happy to provide help desk assistance for any questions or issues you may have.Our seasoned team of professionals will respond quickly and can handle a variety of IT tasks, from troubleshooting to software installation. We’ll keep your systems running smoothly so you can return to work immediately without an IT incident.

Accurate Network Monitoring, Management, and Support

A secure and high-performing network is essential for maintaining successful operations. Our monitoring system keeps an eye on the various routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and virtual machines that make up your network structure to identify issues before they become problems, ensuring optimal performance without unexpected downtime or costly emergency repairs.

Data Safeguarding and Disaster Mitigation

Be prepared for the worst with our data backup and recovery software solutions. If disaster strikes, our solutions will allow your team to get back up and running quickly, so nothing stands in their way. 

Cloud Services

In the virtual business world, it’s essential to have reliable cloud services that enable seamless communication between team members working from home or on the go. Our system administrators will provide the optimum setup for success so you and your teams can stay connected no matter how far apart.

Vigilant Protection and Surveillance

M&T Government Solutions are experts in safeguarding your IT systems. Our cutting-edge cyber security measures keep ransomware, spyware, and malicious attacks at bay so you can feel confident that your data is secure. Our team actively monitors all suspicious activities on the network to ensure that threats are identified quickly before they become a problem, keeping you one step ahead of digital danger.

Integrated Software and Hardware Solutions for Improved Performance

Our team is here to ensure the smooth and secureoperation of your business by collaborating with you to create a detailed implementation plan. With our expertise, the software and hardware used will be tailored perfectly for your remote workflows, ensuring everything runs without a hitch.

Security Solutions to Protect Your Future

Our specialized team is here to provide your business with a total security solution, including powerful firewalls and password managers and monitoring malicious activity on dark web networks. We’re ready to take on any threat that comes your way.

Data Storage Solutions

It’s essential to have secure, flexible data storage for your business. Our team is here to help you make the right decision on where and how to best store all of your important data – from cloud-based solutions to on-premises infrastructure – so that it can scale with changing needs over time. Make sure you’re covered.